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Audit trail

An audit trail covers all events from the point where the document is first uploaded. It is a record of contract creation and all amendments. An audit trail shows the changes that have been made during the document lifecycle.

Can a user from a company set up an account with Contrato, if the company already has an account?

Yes — in theory — this is possible. However, Contrato has a validation system based on the company’s VAT number and country. If the company is identified by this validation system, a note will be presented to the user offering a choice between cancelling the creation of the contract — and contacting Contrato for information about who in the company has an existing agreement with Contrato — or ignoring the note and continuing with contract creation.

Can I cancel my order at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. We also make it easy for you to export your data if you should choose to unsubscribe from Contrato — although we believe you will be completely satisfied with our product. For more information and guidelines, see “Terms & Conditions“.

Cloud Solution

Contrato is a Cloud solution. Contratos SaaS solution is fully redundant in all aspects of failover hardware running within the network. In the unlikely event of a hardware failure, users are automatically redirected without interruption to failover equipment. Different Internet connections are used to provide a redundant connection to the Internet.

Confidential data

Contrato’s customers own all data in Contrato’s database created using the software. Each client has their own unique credentials.


Our support receives and answers questions in English. We will attempt to answer questions in other languages to the best of our ability. Questions or support – contact us here.

Document Encryption – Password

Access to documents is password protected, and the connection between the server and the user is encrypted, so contracts and data can not be read.

End Notification Date

A date on which to send an email notification to the associated users. If this value is empty, it is automatically to the associated start date.

End Notification Date Group

A comma-separated list of email addresses of users who should receive a notification at the start of the contract. If this value is empty or invalid, the selected contract manager as the sole beneficiary. Has the date been there, there will not be sent notification.


Date on which the contract end or be renegotiated.

How does “30 day free trial” work

A free trial version allows unlimited access to all functions of Contrato for 30 days. We want to give you the full depth and breadth of our software before you become a Contrato customer. See Terms and conditionfor details.

How much do I have to pay?

You only pay for the number of registered contracts in the number of days they are lying per month. Appendix are free Look at our cost side how much it costs for your business

Is it easy to get started with Contrato

Yes, our contract management system is simple, easy and intuitive to use. But, as with all new solutions implemented in the business, you have to familiarize yourself with how Contrato works, to make full use of the solution.

Is it possible to pre-set custom fields (for capturing specific data we need)?

Yes, you can add tag and/or custom meta data.

Is there any way to have an overview of upcoming notifications

Next-Notification date are included in the report extraction, but not in table view online

Is there anything to install?

No, Contrato is a “Cloud” based application. All product updates are instant, and no action is required. Our software and your data is stored on secured servers. See “Security“.

It doesn’t accept our company domain as an email

Under "company site” - reach the "Company Profile" Here you can control the domain. We think that you has created a domain which is not associated with the user you are trying to set up.

Multi-layer security

Contrato is enriched by a robust, multi-layered security system where users are divided into groups: normal user, department or super administrator. Users can be assigned rights to individual contracts or contracts in a specific department.

Other partner types

Questions: Is it possible to add other partner types (either "other" or more specific "investor", "shareholders" or "partner")? Answer: This feature is not implemented yet but it is on our feature list so it will most likely be implemented in the near future

Other start-up costs – payments

No - You only pay for established contracts. See the payment summary what your price is. It reflects your monthly invoices


You will receive an invoice by e-mail that you can pay by either credit card or bank transfer. You will receive the invoice in the currency in which your company is established in Contrato. You have the option to pay upfront  

Stability and servers

Contrato is hosted on servers with 99.99% uptime, so you can always access your data. SSD hard drives and centrally located servers ensure a quick experience – every time.

Start Notification Date

A date which, sending an email notification to the associated users. If this value is empty, it is automatically to the associated start date.

Start Notification Date Group

A comma-separated list of email addresses of users who should receive a notification at the start of the contract. If this value is empty or invalid, the selected contract manager as the sole beneficiary. Has the date been there, there will not be sent any notification.


The contract start date.


Contrato offers a single point of contact to address potential issues. The service and support-email function will proactively help you as a customer through the entire process. Our support is online 24x7x365. Contact us a support@contrato.eu.

User-Login and password

The system complies with the OAuth2 protocol, which is an open standard for login, ensuring optimal authentication and authorization.

We extracted one report and the financial figures deviated by approximately 0.5% from the ones we put into the system. Is that a common problem?

This could be due to the way the system handles the values you input (e.g. rounding).

What are SSL encryption and do Contrato have this

Yes - Contrato have SSL encryption. An SSL Certificate guarantees that all data transferred between our server and the user’s PC is encrypted. It is similar to online banking.

What file formats can be uploaded

The following file formats can be used in Contrato PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, TXT.

What is the URL to the backend of Contrato


What is the URL to the frontend of Contrato


What should I do if I forgot my password

log onto the website (URL) https://ui.contrato.eu/login. Press "forgot your password?" -  And you will be guided from here. If this fails to work, contact support@contrato.eu, and we will help to reset your password.

What types of contracts can be uploaded

Contrato is based on Best Practice Contract Management. With Contrato there are no limits regarding contracts the company wants to have a overview over. We have clients using Contrato for IT contracts, supplier contracts, customer contracts, service contracts, HR contracts, facility management contracts, financial contracts, accounting contracts etc. So “Management contract” in Contrato is simple.

Where is my data stored and what are the Security

Your contracts and documents are stored in redundant data centers, which is considered the highest security and gives you as a customer control of your contracts. The servers also hosted by Amazon, located in Frankfurt and Amsterdam. We use SSAE16 / ISAE 3402 + IS027001 certified servers. The OAuth 2.0 protocol ensures optimal approval and authorization. All communication is sent encrypted via HTTPS for maximum security of sensitive information.

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