Work smarter, not harder.

Contract alerts – E-mail notifications
Never miss a deadline! You are in full control of when to be notified of contract events. Mark the beginning, expiration or any arbitrary date for contracts, and have specified groups or individuals receive e-mail alerts when it’s time to act.

Collaboration across all departments and facilities
All individuals and departments have their own ways and responsibilities. Therefore we have rethought the way in which contract management should work to maximize collaboration. Our solution fits every need in all departments in spite of their differences.

Be smart – Work in groups
Many different people may be involved in a contract but not necessarily in the same way. Administrators might want to spectate on all events, but HR staff might not be interested in IT technicalities. It’s easy to set up groups and communicate by replying to e-mail notifications.

Everyone’s responsibility is no one’s responsibility
“I thought you had it under control?” one employee said to another… Perhaps someone left the company and his responsibilities were not perfectly distributed. Contrato enables you to avoid awkward situations when you assign people to contracts. It’s easy to reassign if someone quits.

Follow up on milestones
You can plan milestones and easily act upon steps of a contractual process. E.g. if you are having a midway status, simply set up a notification and pick relevant people/groups. When the e-mail notification arrives, simply reply to schedule further.

Role based hierarchical layers
Besides having the most flexible options for contract permissions, we have made it possible for you to represent the hierarchical structure of your company. Different levels of administration roles allow you to work more efficiently.

User-friendly interface

Contrato is a modern state of the art contract management system.

Effective search and retrieval
A search field is always present and ready to help you find any contract you are looking for while you type. It’s fast, simple and effective. Furthermore, you can add tags to contracts to make searching an even more powerful tool.

Create lists of contracts
You can form groups and order contracts in any way you like. Get an overview of the contracts in your department or view all the contracts that you have been granted access to. You can bookmark or share grouped lists by copying the URL to work more efficiently.

Dashboard overview
With a contract dashboard you know what happened, how things are going and what’s coming. In the morning you can resume your work from where you left off the day before. Exciting statistics will motivate you to do better.

Language, currency and time
Are you a large international corporation or a local business in a “strange” place? It doesn’t matter to us, because you can have it your way! We currently support 18 languages and allow for multilingual accounts. Furthermore, we support all time zones and currencies.

Contract timelines – Documenting the process
With intuitive timelines/logs of actions performed on contracts, you can easily get a temporal overview of what happened on selected contracts and you can see what user made the specific changes. You are also able to see a user’s reasons for e.g. registering a contract as being inactive.

Import data – A quick start
When using spreadsheets you can have all of your contracts registered in Contrato in no time. We’ll guide you through an import procedure, so that you will have a clean start. Don’t waste your time on manual work! We have an easier solution for you.

Financial budget reports
We give you the power of a financial overview (it’s an optional feature). You can extract reports and have expenses grouped by vendors (and similar) along with any arbitrary categorization you define. We support automatic annual adjustments.

Flexible and descriptive contract details
Each contract is different and we allow for both simple contracts and complex contracts. You can choose (or choose not) to describe them with text descriptions, metadata, tags, dates, personnel, financial budgets and more.

Upload key documents
Contrato allows you to upload contracts and supplementing documents. You can choose to have the relevant people know of the attachment of a new appendix by e-mail. We support PDFs, images, text documents and MS Office documents (Word, Excel).

So many advantages

.. and we would like to show you!

Export data – It’s yours
If you need a spreadsheet of contracts for analytical or documentation purposes, it’s easy for you to extract the information and work with it as you prefer. If at any point you decide to stop using Contrato, you are free to export all contracts in just a few clicks.

Free start-up
You can get a feel with the intuitive interface of Contrato. No payment details needed! You can try it out on your computer, tablet or mobile with all features available. We will be happy to give you a free and personal presentation on how to get started.

Supporting 24/7 – Always happy to help
We are ready to guide you or solve any problem you may face! Just ask any question and you will be treated like the good fella you are. Drop us an e-mail at (in English) and we will get back to you.

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