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Supporting 24/7 – Always happy to help
We are ready to guide you or solve any problem you may face. Just ask any question and you will be treated like the good fella you are. Drop us an e-mail at (in English) and we will get back to you.

Tired of reading? How about a live presentation?
We advise you to try a live presentation of Contrato. If you haven’t tried it yet or simply want an extra push to get ahead, let us know! We are proud of our contract management solution and you should have a chance to see why. And of course it’s free!

Free start-up
You can get a feel with the intuitive interface of Contrato. No payment details needed! You can try it out on your computer, tablet or mobile with all features available. We will be happy to give you a free and personal presentation on how to get started.

Satisfaction is our way of keeping our customers
By keeping you happy and showing you trust, we believe you will feel comfortable and stay with us–that is your only binding! It only takes a few seconds to export all of your contractual data, if you decide to leave Contrato. And you’re always welcome back!

Flexible payment options
Pay the bills the way you like: Pay by card or bank transfer? Public institutions or large companies may prefer to use EAN payments and that’s no issue. You can obtain discounts by paying in advance.

Contrato adapts to your size and needs
You only pay for your usage measured on a daily basis. If you need to control your spendings, you can make prepayments. You can get up to a 20% discount by paying in advance.

Language, currency and time
Are you a large international corporation or a local business in a “strange” place? It doesn’t matter to us, because you can have it your way! We currently support 18 languages and allow for multilingual accounts. Furthermore, we support all time zones and currencies.

Import data – A quick start
Using spreadsheets you can have all of your contracts registered in Contrato in no time. We’ll guide you through an import procedure, so that you will have a clean start. Don’t waste your time on manual work! We have an easier solution for you.

Export data – It’s yours
If you need a spreadsheet of contracts for analytical or documentation purposes, it’s easy for you to extract the information and work on it as you prefer. If at any point you decide to stop using Contrato, you are free to export all contracts in just a few clicks.

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