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Terms and conditions

Our Terms and conditions is in English. Should you have any questions about our Terms & Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us on support@contrato.eu

1 – Introduction

1.1: These Conditions apply to the use of this website “Contrato.eu”, CVR-number: 37402745 (hereinafter referred to as Contrato) and its services.
1.2: The User / Subscriber is hereinafter referred to as The User. If You do not agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions, You should leave the site.

2 – Ownership

2.1: All names and logos and trademarks on this website are the property of Contrato or affiliated companies and may only be used with prior written permission from Contrato.
2.2: The contents of the website and any parts thereof are the property of either Contrato or affiliated companies and are protected under the Danish Copyright Act, the Danish Intellectual Property Law and other legislation.

3 – The User

3.1: To take out a Subscription and use the services of Contrato You shall be a company, a firm or a small business etc. registered in the trade register with a registration number.

4 – Subscriptionperiod

4.1: The Subscription period is unlimited
4.2: The Subscription is for an unlimited period, and can only be canceled in writing with a minimum of 14 days notice within the first ninety (90) days from the start date (the date which the subscription has taken place on the Contrato.eu website). Thereafter, the subscription can only be terminated in writing with a minimum (12) months’ notice, the last day of a month in which the subscription has taken place on the Contrato.eu website
4.3: The Subscription will automatically continue and will be considered as a binding and legal contract between the parties (Customer and Contrato), unless Contrato from authorized user of the system receives a written cancellation as above description of termination options and by email to support@contrato.eu
4.4: The Subscription continues automatically as long as the customer has contracts registered in Contrato and will be considered as a binding and legal contract between the parties (Customer and Contrato)
4.5: The Subscription will last until the customer is dismissed or terminated by Contrato in circumstances mentioned in “termination”.

5 – Termination

5.1: You are entitled to cancel the Subscription at any time cf. also clause 4.
5.2: The cancellation is send to support@Contrato.eu including your first and last name and the Contrato Username.
5.3: The cancellation does not entitle the User or company to any refund of money paid.
5.4: Contrato is entitled to cancel the Subscription, if the Users account is deemed inappropriate, or the User is guilty of a breach of its obligations under the Agreement or violation of any applicable laws.
5.5: If Contrato cancel the Subscribtion because the Users account is deemed inappropriate, or the User is guilty of a breach of its obligations under the Agreement or violation of any applicable laws, the User is not entitled to any refund.
5.6: Contrato is entitled to delete any of your archived data within 30 days after the cancellation. Any statutory retention requirements with respect to your data or information remain your responsibility. All sections of this agreement, which by their nature should survive termination, will survive termination, including without limitation warranties, disclaimers and limitations of liability.
5.7: Contrato is entitled to cancel the Subscription if the customer has not paid his bill and have not responded or paid his bill after one (1)  invoice reminder. Contrato is then entitled to delete any of your archived data within 30 days after the cancellation.
5.8: Contrato is entitled to cancel the Subscription without further notice, if customer contracts lying in Contrato, and if the customer has not been active in Contrato within 90 days or point 5.7 above has not been complied by the customer. Contrato is then entitled to delete any of your archived data within 30 days after the cancellation.
5.9: Customers who have not been active in Contrato, and not created any contracts or other documents after registering as a user with contrato.eu, then Contrato can deactivated this account without further notice.
5.10: All information provided from the customers when creating a subscription, must be sincere and must be able to identified. If the identification can not be verified, Contrato can immediately deactivated this account without further notice. Contrato is then entitled to delete any of your archived data within 30 days after the cancellation.
5.11: Reopening costs a standard fee – Only if the account is closed down under this point 5.
5.12: Liquidation or bankruptcy
Should Contrato.EU request liquidation or bankruptcy, this will in that case be published on Contrato.eu’s website at least 60 days before liquidation. In addition, all active customers will be notified at their last registered email address. Inactive customers (customers who are not active for any reason) will be notified as well, at the last registered email address. (However, only non-active customers within 12 months). All data and contracts will after a liquidation or bankruptcy mentioned date – no longer be to obtain, and it is therefore the customer’s or old customers’ own responsibility within the time limit of the 60 days, to extract its data. Contrato.eu is no longer responsible or has the opportunity to assist in developing contracts pending in Contrato.eu after the 60 days following the announcement of a possible liquidation or bankruptcy

6 – Price and Payment terms

6.1: Price and calculations of prices can be viewed on our website. (https://contrato.eu/en/pricing) If you want prices with the country’s currency – first select the country at the top right of the website.
6.2: There are for alle customers free number of users.
6.3: You pay for the creation of contracts per contract in Contrato.
6.4: All appendix belonging to an uploaded contract is free.
6.5: The price shall be paid by an acknowledged credit card or bank transfer regading to the invoice.
6.6: We accept: Visa/Electron/VPay,American Express,Mastercard/Maestro,JCB
6.7: If payment by customer is made with IBAN and or with SWIFT, Contrato requires the customer to pay any additional fee for any transaction to Contrato ApS bank accounts.
6.8: If the Subscription is not cancelled cf. clause 4 and 5, the Subscription continues automatically and will be considered as a binding and legal contract between the parties (Customer and Contrato).
6.9: The invoice will be sent to the responsibility of the company which is registered in Contrato account.
6.10:The invoice will be sent immediately after a month of completion, based on the number of established contracts in Contrato x price as stated per contract on Contrato website, normal monthly service fees which consist of support, service, invoice fee and license.
6.11: The monthly service fee per January 2021 is 29DKK, 4.69 USD, 3.90 EURO. (The amount is based on DKK kroner and follows Danmarks Nationalbank’s currency conversion)
6.12:Invoice attached to mail and with 14 days invoice payment.
6.13:The price is exclusive VAT, unless anything else is stated.
6.14:The Payments shall refer to the Purchase Order number and the V.A.T. Registration.
6.15:The sale is subject to reverse charge on the condition, that the User has informed Contrato of its registration number and the V.A.T. Registration.
6.16:The recipient is liable for V.A.T.
6.17:Contrato is entitled to change the prices at any time at its own discretion.

7 – Default

7.1: If the User fails to pay, when the payment is due, it is breach of the Subscription, and Contrato will take point 5 in action.
7.2: If not paid Subscription, your account will be inactive. When an account is classified as inactive, at the discretion of Contrato, there will be sent information to the User. Inactive accounts will have 30 days to become active, otherwise Contrato is entitled to remove the subscriber´s enrollment.

8 – Services and Support

8.1: Contrato is entitled to modify the terms of the Agreement and hereunder discontinue or revise any or all other aspects of the Services at its sole discretion. All such changes shall become effective upon posting of the changes on the Contrato website.

9 – Warranty

9.1: The User guaranties, that he has the full right to enter the Agreement hereunder to grant Contrato license without any limitation whatsoever hereunder without infringement or violation of any third party rights, any private or public rights, copyrights, trademarks, contract rights, intellectual or proprietary rights.

10 – Unauthorized use

10.1: Unauthorized reproduction, distribution or public display of the Contrato services and the website or any parts thereof is contrary to the Copyright Act and the Danish Intellectual Property Law and may result in civil and criminal sanctions.
10.2: It is not permitted to use the Contrato services against the Agreement and all applicable laws hereunder to remove messages or material available concerning copyright or the like from the website.
10.3: Any illegal use of Contrato is not permitted including but not limited to administration of illegal contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, multi-level marketing campaigns, sending of unsolicited e-mails, and any other prohibited activities.
10.4: Any violation of the security of the website Contrato.eu or the services is not permitted including but not limited to unauthorized access to and hacking into the website, Contrato´s computer systems or the computer systems of other Users of the Contrato Services.
10.5: Downloading and other digital reproduction of the website contents or any parts thereof are not permitted.

11 – Breach

11.1: Should the User be guilty of a breach of its obligations under the Subscription, Contrato may cancel the Subscription without notice.
11.2: The User shall not be entitled to any reimbursement.

12 – Indemnification

12.1: The User shall indemnify Contrato from any loss or claim for compensation, that is a result of the Users violation of the provisions in this Agreement.

13 – Disclaimer

13.1: The information on this website is provided without any express or implied warranty of its correctness or completeness.
13.2: Contrato is entitled to change the contents of the website and any products described on the website at any time without prior notice.

14 – Communication

14.1: Contrato is not liable for any communications between Contrato and the User made without the use of digital signatures, in the event that the information is changed or distorted during transmission, or if any unauthorized person gains access thereto.
14.2: All correspondence between Contrato and the User shall be send by e-mail.

15 – Registration

15.1: Contrato is entitled to refuse any registration at its own discretion.

16 – Liability

16.1: Contrato cannot in any event be held liable for damages, errors, omissions of any kind adversely affecting the content or any use of the Contrato Solution website, including but not limited to direct and indirect loss of income, business interruptions, loss of data, operational failures or similar losses.
16.2: Contrato can not be held responsible for any consequences of any scheduled or unscheduled down-time on the Contrato solution website.
16.3: If links are established to a third-party website, Contrato is not liable for the contents of the linked third-party site.
16.4: The User is responsible for maintaining the security of his account hereunder every use of his account and for the use of services in his name.

17 – Confidentiality

17.1: The User shall treat any Username and password confidential and shall not disclose them to any third party.
17.2: Attempts to gain access to the website without an authorized Username and password are not permitted.

18 – Force Majeure

18.1: Contratos obligations under this Agreement shall always be conditional upon the non-occurrence of events beyond the control of Contrato, such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen call-up of military personnel on a similar scale, requisitioning, sequestration, currency restrictions, insurrection and civil unrest, lack of means of transportation, general scarcity of goods, restrictions on motive power, or defects in – or delay with – deliveries from sub-suppliers attributable to any of the aforementioned circumstances.

19 – Customer Review

19.1: Contrato may upload completed reviews unto the website for the purpose of informing customers of previous or present customers opinion of the Contrato services.
19.2: Contrato may upload previous or present customers logo unto the website for the purpose of informing customers of, which customers use or previously have used the Contrato services.
19.3: Contrato is entitled to adjust, refuse or remove reviews at its own discretion.
19.4: A user have with acceptance of a free 30 day trial also agreed to receive Contratos newsletter, if not notified in writing to contrato a support@contrato.eu this is not wanted.
19.5: Reviews express the personal opinions of the Contrato customers, and the opinions do not necessarily represent the views of Contrato.


20 – Law and Venue

20.1: Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Subscription, including any disputes regarding the existence, validity or termination, which cannot be settled amicably shall be governed and construed according to Danish laws.
20.2: All disputes and legal proceedings relating to the Subscription including any claim or dispute between Contrato and the User shall be decided and settled by the Court of Aarhus, Denmark.

21 – Changes

21.1: Contrato is entitled to revise the Terms and Conditions at any time at its own discretion and without notice. The changes become effective at the posting on the Contrato website.

22 – Invalidity

22.1: Should any part of these Terms & Conditions be deemed unlawful or invalid and thus not enforceable, this will not affect the validity and enforcement of the remainder of the Conditions.

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