Financial benefits – A sound investment

Contrato is a treat for your economy.

Save money – By being up-to-date
Increase your company’s ROI by having full control of contracts that could be outdated or forgotten. With Contrato you can handle an unlimited amount of contracts without ever having to worry. It saves you time and resources in multiple business aspects.

Control your spendings
Our budget report module gives you an overview of future expenses: Which vendors have the most expensive contracts? How much does department A spend on IT support? How much is that compared to department B? Contrato gives you the answers.

Contrato adapts to your size and needs
You only pay for your usage measured on a daily basis. If you need to control your spendings, you can make prepayments. You can get up to a 20% discount by paying in advance.

Free start-up
You can get a feel with the intuitive interface of Contrato. No payment details needed! You can try it out on your computer, tablet or mobile with all features available. We will be happy to give you a free and personal presentation on how to get started.

Satisfaction is our way of keeping our customers
By keeping you happy and showing you trust, we believe you will feel comfortable and stay with us. That is your only binding! It only takes a few seconds to export all of your contractual data if you decide to leave Contrato. And you’re always welcome back!

Ultra fast – Time is money
We have made an effort to make Contrato the fastest contract management system online. Our data centers are located near central tiers ensuring a high-speed connection. Furthermore, our powerful servers are fitted with high-performance SSDs.

Collaboration across all departments and facilities
All individuals and departments have their own ways and responsibilities. Therefore we have rethought the way in which contract management should work to maximize collaboration. Our solution fits every need in all departments in spite of their differences.

Everyone’s responsibility is no one’s responsibility
“I thought you had it under control?” one employee said to another… Perhaps someone left the company and his responsibilities were not perfectly distributed. Contrato enables you to avoid awkward situations when you assign people to contracts. It’s easy to reassign if someone quits.

Tired of reading? How about a live presentation?
We advise you to try a live presentation of Contrato. If you haven’t tried it yet or simply want an extra push to get ahead, let us know! We are proud of our contract management solution and you should have a chance to see why. And of course it’s free!

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