Are you too in need of an overview of all your company’s contracts?

Contrato creates value through overview.

Contract notifications
Pling! It’s time to act! Expirations and critical dates should not be forgotten.

Encryption, protocols and certified Amazon servers in the EU.

In a few clicks your data can be used for generating reports of future expenses.

Unbeatable in terms of delivering value for money – guaranteed.

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Dashboard overview
With a contract dashboard you know what happened, how things are going and what’s coming. In the morning you can resume your work from where you left off the day before. Exciting statistics will motivate you to do better.

Effective search and retrieval
A search field is always present and ready to help you find any contract you are looking for while you type. It’s fast, simple and effective. Furthermore, you can add tags to contracts to make searching an even more powerful tool.

Multiple layers of encryption safety
Using Contrato you send encrypted tokens (OAUTH 2.0) through an encrypted SSL-connection (HTTPS) to retrieve encrypted files (behind levels of firewalls). In other words: No one spies on you unless they are looking over your shoulder.

Save money – By being up-to-date
Increase your company’s ROI by having full control of contracts that could be outdated or forgotten. With Contrato you can handle an unlimited amount of contracts without ever having to worry! It saves you time and resources in multiple business aspects.

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